6 reasons why your dog belongs on the sofa with you

Pooches will help you to get off that couch every now and then

If you're not a dog on the sofa type of household, that's ok! But there are many benefits to living a closer life with your fuzzy mate. Check it:

1. They will make sure you get off the couch eventually

Pretty basic one here - and if you're a salad-dodging macca's drive thru warrior (like myself) you need to take every chance to be a smidgen healthier, because let's face it - you aren't doing much else. Your blessed pooch will let you know when they feel that it's actually sofa time - or alternatively if said pooch feels otherwise, they will make it very clear of their intentions to drag you to the park by howling, going nuts if anyone mentions the word 'walk' - or by forwarding you a strongly worded email referencing an article like this.

2. Boosts your mood 

Dogs calm you the heck down. That's a fact. Pretty sure it's in the United Nations Convention (if that's even a thing). They calm you down by heck with supwereior doggy combinations of droopy eye looks, face slobbering and curly up next to owner-type behaviour. Another interesting bit of science though (actually) - studies have shown that dog owners tend to have lower heart rates and blood pressure in stressful situations - and they go back down to normal much faster than non doggie-peeps.

Dogs can help us to live healthier lives.

4. Protect from heart disease

Owning a gorgeous pooch is empirically associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Dog owners consistently have lower cholesterol and experience fewer heart attacks than those who do not have pets.

5. Detect cancer

You've heard about this one surely. These brilliant goodest boys and girls can even detect some types of cancer with their complete weapon sense of smell. This is obviously very useful if you want to avoid cancer - so invite your doggy friend up for a chill - it may just save your life!
This dog is so smart he helps his human be healthier!

6. Make your kids healthier

Everyone knows that kids kept away from germs and diseases will end up having a weak immune system. Doggies (especially when you get to hang out nice and close on the sofa) prep little bodies for all the crazy sorts of illnesses that life can throw at them. Families that have inside dogs have less outbreaks of eczema and allergies, according to Science Daily.
This dog is having a very relax time

So, what did we learn?

Pooches are our ride-or-dies - and whether you decide to hang on the couch or elsewhere - just make sure they know that they're loved and appreciated. They will pay you back in droves in love, affection and ripped pillows.
Yours in comfort,

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