8 super clever ideas for keeping furniture clean when you have pets

Dogs dirty up furniture. How do we best deal with that?

Pets can improve our lives drastically for many reasons [link to other article] but they can also ring the death knell for many of your favourite furniture items. This guide shows you all the best ways we know of to keep your furniture clean and both pets and humans happy as larry. So listen up, y’all

1. Vacuum regularly

This should go without saying - but it doesn’t! If you don’t have a good, decent, heavy-hitting vacuum (they aren’t expensive) - this is genuinely the difference between living in a home and living in a shag pile carpet of your pet’s own hair. There is definitely a difference between a good one and a bad one however - I think I read somewhere recently that K-Mart had an excellent one. Dyson obviously gets a guernsey in any conversation related to personal appliances - but they are expensive. But ooh - don’t they look so pretty?

2. Get a pair of rubber gloves

Seriously - because they pick up pet hair like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Another awesome DIY pet hair magnet is a roll of masking tape. Both are cheap as chips. Boom.

3. Get cleaner pets

This may seem a little mean - but some dogs and cats really are cleaner than others. Poodles are a particularly trendy breed in city centres across Australia as their curly ringlets don’t shed. This makes it particularly happy for super gentrified doggies that might curl up on Coco Republic while their owners are out making money moves. This makes any sort of cleaning-up-after-doggy-or catty-type activity much easier. Some breeds simple shed way way more - Labradors sadly fall into this category.

At the end of the day - some of the best pets are the messiest. So take this entire point with a big handful of salt.

4. Bathe and groom your pets regularly

Cats like keeping clean, but pups don’t - and that’s one of the other ‘no shit, stupid’ tips for keeping fur off the furniture I’ll make sure you haven’t already thought of. In fact, dogs still have the instinct to mess up their clean fur almost immediately after being cleaned as they would use their scent to avoid detection in the wild. But - hey brother - you ain’t in the wild anymore - so help us out a little! Well - if you hadn’t thought of it - simply giving your little buddies a wash once a week will solve most of your cleanliness problems pretty quick smart. Easy. Done. Next!


Dog grooming services are becoming popular

4. Have pet-wash stations near entrances

This is sort of an add-on to the previous entry. This is based on having conversations with lots of our customers (we love chatting about anything - get in touch if you love a natter!) about the best ways to keep the house clean. Many of our customers have opted for taking over half of the laundry to make a doggy/cat wash station. This makes getting squeaky-clean after a run super-easy.

5. Use stain-resistant fabrics

(Warning! very obvious plug for our stain resistant fabrics) Stain-resistance has been used in furniture for years. It doesn’t last forever though - you’ll need to respray after a year or so. But this is all pretty easy - and if you do it with the right fabric you can still keep it feeling soft to the touch. Believe me - You won’t regret it when your cat or dog barfs on your lap after a getting into the neighbour’s trash.


6. Look for zippers when buying furniture

When your furniture has zippers - that usually means the covers are removable (warning: obvious plug for our machine-washable covers). This is important - as it makes it easier to clean all the hair and the variety of other gorgeous little surprises that your fur baby can and will leave all over your house for you to find, like a gross treasure hunt. Zippers, people.

7. Skip wall-to-wall carpet.

Now in Australia we don’t tend to be overly keen on carpeted surfaces. We certainly don’t go to the lengths of our British counterparts - who still seem to think that carpet in a bathroom is a good idea (GROSS). But it should go without saying that hard-wood or polished concrete it always going to be a better alternative if you want a clean doggy-friendly domicile.


8. Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys

So here we’re looking for toys that are interesting enough that your pets forget about all the other items in the house they may be inclined to attack during those hours you’re at work. Toys with treats inside are also good - chew-toys that have a section for putting peanut butter can give your pet hours of fun. More rather than less is OK.

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