Glebe Market Wrap

Hey Companions! We had so much fun at the Glebe Markets that we’ve decided to come back next week too! We met so many great people, and it was really lovely to get everyone’s reactions as they sit on the couch for the first time. Really helped remind us of what we’re about - making lovely things that we like, and getting them out to people who think they are as lovely as we do.

We met a lovely customer named Sarah who’s moving over to New Zealand and wants to add our couch to their shipping container. Really interesting to meet Sarah - as she mentioned that in New Zealand there are no Ikea stores, and people often pay double what the furniture is worth and have it shipped from Australia! Don’t worry Sarah - we’ll be over ‘the ditch’ very soon!

We met our first international athlete on Saturday too! Emily Tapp is an Australian Silver Medallist at the most recent Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, performing in the paratriathlon. So good to meet you Emily! So accomplished and talented. 

We also met the owners of the Glebe Markets - it’s a really interesting story! David and Naomi McCumstie started the markets about 20 years ago by asking Glebe Public school if they’d like to rent their grounds out over the weekend. The markets have grown to become one of the biggest in Sydney over the course of that time. 

They actually said that when we applied last week, they thought it was funny that a furniture startup wanted a market stall. We’re fine with that - as it all worked out really well - we want to meet as many customers as we can! We also got to really meet a lot of the other stall owners as they all tended to come over and say hi (and have a quick slouch on the couch to rest their weary legs!). Being a furniture company at a market that mostly sells clothes and jewellery.

That's it for this week - if you want to come hang with us on the weekend we'll be back on saturday at Glebe and Sunday at Paddington markets.