Here are some OK suggestions for how to make moving house less heinous

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of - there are several life events that cause the most trauma. Breakups, deaths - and whether by some bit of marketing magic - we seem to think that moving home is up there too. Seems ridiculous right?

Moving is hard. Here's how to make it slightly less hard (er)

However - moving is stressful - I don’t think anyone can really argue with that. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best tips gleaned from around the Companion office on how to not have a bad time while you’re high-tailing it out of one place for the next.

1. Don’t look in drawers

I’ve decided that if I have to carry drawers full of stuff from house to house for the rest of my life - so be it. I once heard someone lament about this habit a lot of us have - but look. There’s a time for going through every ancient coin jar for rare pennies - and it isn’t when you have a removalist charging by the hour. Box it up, ship it out. The contents of these drawers are for future you to worry about.

2. Watch out for dodgy removalists

As with any service professional - get a recommendation from a friend before handing over your valuables to a guy you’ve never met. The last time I moved home, I thought I’d save a few bucks by going with a man & a van-type outfit on gumtree. Unfortunately, the guy got his van stuck in the street and had to call another van to come and finish the job. We had to pay for the other van too - of course.

Moving out of home - or moving to your new home?

3. Don’t move

Maybe you think this is a silly suggestion. But that’s why the title says ‘OK suggestions’ not amazing suggestions. Don’t shoot the messenger for having an honest clickbait title.

4. If a friend helps - buy them lunch/a case

If you’re a good friend to begin with you won’t even ask for help moving home. This was your choice. You decided you wanted to live somewhere else with your partner/without your partner/in a nicer area/in a less expensive area. BUT if paying for a removalist is completely out of the question and you need a hand from one of your long-suffering mates - DO make the person feel appreciated and special. If you don’t, it may be the last favour you get! Oh - and the favour will need to be returned at some point - and if you reneg - whoa dude, that’s pretty bad karma!

Not many mates will help you move. Make sure you appreciate them!

5. Get stuff that’s easy to move

If you’re the sort that moves a lot - whether renting, house-sitting or just the restless type - you can buy furniture that is designed to be disassembled. Ikea furniture is designed to be built - but not to be un-built. I’ve had TV units fall apart before my eyes as we try to get it through the door. Koala have a fantastic range of products that unpack into neat little boxes. And obviously we have a very cool couch that does this too. Check it out here [link]

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