A Companion guide to moving house and keeping your sanity. 

A lot of our customers seem to be in the middle of moving - which makes sense for a couch company! We’re passionate about making it easier to move house - so I thought it would be great to put together all the different tips and tricks we’ve collected from around the place that makes moving home easy as. If you have any suggestions we’ve missed please leave them below - if we add them to the list we’ll be sure to give you a shout-out! 

1. Change your address BEFORE you move

This might seem obvious, but a week or 2 before you move let your utilities companies know. This will save a lot of confusion and heart-ache when you next round of bills comes in.

2. Clothes > bubble wrap

Cut your work in half by wrapping your fragile valuables in your clothes! No need for bubble wrap. If you haven’t heard this one - just try it. My grandpa was a pilot for many years and he swears by it for saving space on an overnighter to Karachi. It’s also handy to not feel too badly about not folding when you’re moving an entire house. Save the environment, save some time and save some coin!

3. Bag 'em

If you've got a lot of clothes on hangers, use garbage bags as make-shift coat bags - just poke a hole in the bottom of the bag for the coat-hanger hook. This turns a whole lot of items that could spread out and make more mess into several easily carried bags of clothing. Surprisingly life-changing.

4. Takeaway toiletries

Avoid messy explosions by packing your toiletries and makeup in Tupperware containers. It'll even help save you time when you get around to packing up the kitchen!

5. Handling boxes

Literally! Cut some hand-sized holes in bulky boxes to make them easier to carry. This tip was inspired the design of our Companion Couch boxes, so we can confirm -  it works a treat!

6. Pack an overnight bag

Treat moving house like a sleepover - pack a spare change of clothes and a toothbrush. Trust me, you're not going to have the energy to look for them after you've spent a whole day moving boxes.

7. Heavy? Wait!

Put your heaviest things in suitcases or at least something with a handle or wheels and always lift from the knees. Another great trick - place a towel under heavy furniture and slide rather than carry heavy things everywhere.

Moving is already a pain in the butt, don't make it a pain in the lower-back too!

8. Do the fridge first

Avoid buying food that needs to be frozen/refrigerated leading up to a move. Clean that fridge out ahead of time.

Defrost it and get it ready to move - it’s always a way bigger job than you anticipated. And also, those crisping trays need serious cleaning!

9. Crack-free stacks

Use styrofoam plates to protect ceramic plates. Just put one in-between each plate. Simple but effective!   

10. Plan for your next move

Chances are this won't be the last time you move house - so before you move all your stuff into your new place, don't forget to take photos! Make sure you get your deposit back, don’t donate it straight to your property manager!

If you have any more, this is a live list - so please leave them in the comments. We’ll give everyone a shout out on the new and improved list!Happy moving Companions!