The 4 reasons great design is completely life-changing

Design can significantly affect the way that we interact with objects. It can improve the ease by which everyday activities are completed. It makes new things possible that weren’t previously. It can also push us to think and act in better ways.
Here is a list of the best reasons why well-designed objects can make your life more enjoyable.

1. Design can delight you

If you’ve ever used a Kikkoman soy sauce bottle - you may be surprised to know that it was the single most popular design of the incredibly well-known Japanese designer Kenji Ekuan. It never looked like being the most salubrious job - but Ekhuan was able to delight everyone with its’ innovative teardrop design and dripless spout (the like of which hadn’t been seen before). Over 300 million have been sold in the last 50 years and the design hasn’t changed a bit since 1961.

kikkoman soy sauce bottle
Ekhuan solved a problem we didn’t know we had - and we made him a hero for it. History has shown us time and time again that quality in design will always show through. That’s been our underlying philosophy while designing our furniture. We love our designers - because they make things easier. Maybe I’m biased.

2. Design can make your home safer

Before AC/DC power became the standard method of distributing electricity to homes - Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison had their own ways - and they were battling it out publicly to prove whose was best. Thomas Edison had alternating current (AC) and Tesla had Direct Current (DC). Either of these two types of electricity delivery on their own were very dangerous. Unless you were very careful, something that may seem innocuous (such as turning on a light) may well have made its’ users risk electrocution. It wasn’t until AC was combined with DC that we get the relatively safe form of current that we have coming from the power sockets in our walls.

Now not all design saves lives - and I’m not saying all design should save lives. Some design just delights and enthuses. But it certainly has the potential to do so. Pretty cool right?

3. Design can reduce arguments

Blessed be the husband or wife that researches stain-resistant fabrics before buying furniture, for they will avoid arguments about silly topics. Kudos also should go to the spouse who buys things online that can be easily returned. This will alter the topic of a future disagreement quickly from ‘that thing is ugly as hell’/’I can’t believe I think you would think I’d like something like that’/’do you even know me??’ - to ‘thanks for trying honey - I think we might send that one back and pick one we both like (that I like)’.
Happy families think about design

Design is a diplomatic force within households. It makes it easier for families to all just ‘get along’.

4. Design can make problems disappear

At the turn of the 20th century (now you must excuse me if you’ve all heard this story before) the panic of the time was the ever increasing amount of horse manure in city centres across the United States. Population sizes were exploding along with the industrial revolution, and the dominant form of personal transport was a horse. These horses’ fecal matter continued to collect in high thoroughfare areas to the extent that pundits were predicting that horse manure would rise above the height of town hall by 1940.
Of course - we know that didn’t eventuate at all - because everyone’s favourite industrialist/entrepreneur Henry Ford succeeded in making automobiles cheap enough that almost anyone could afford one. And almost overnight - the problem vanished.

In summary...

Well, first of all - we’re all obsessed with design here at Companion. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. The idea that we can make something new that people want - and then give it to them - is one of the most weirdly rewarding aspect of business. It’s how we’re able to continually be the kids in class presenting at show and tell. It’s fun making things that people didn’t even know they needed.
I hope we’ve inspired you all to live a life filled with beautiful design.
Be well!

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