Why the heck are people from Sydney always surprised when winter is cold?

Why does no one remember how cold is was last year ever?

I’m sorry. This is a particular gripe of mine. It seems like it isn’t longer than about a week after the centigrade drops that the newsfeed starts clogging.

It’s not just the fact that Australia is one of the southernmost landmasses on the planet - it’s more that it happens every year and no one ever seems to recall it the year later. It’s incredible.

‘Does it get this cold in sydney every year? Confused’ - posts that person you met at an industry mixer 10 years ago.

‘BRRRRRRRR See all my overseas friends neverr beleive me but see! It does get cold in Australia [cue photo of thermometer]’ says that over-enthusiastic friend from high school netball camp.

Winter is cold again - why??

Or more specifically there’s that infuriating pom that’s recently moved over. He or she will invariably remark something along the lines of:

‘Gosh golly - below 10 degrees in Australia! Feeling like I’m back at home in blighty!’

Yeah ok. And for some reason we all get instinctively defensive - like ‘hey man - it’s not our fault you didn’t know that in the warmer months, when ‘Australia is dominated by sea breezes so you’ll typically get sea breezes coming in the afternoon which stops the heat, and you do get moisture coming in from the east with prolonged cloudy spells and heavy rain which can happen at any time of year but is more common in summer and autumn,” (source - some website).

And you live here you muppet! Get with the times!



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