The best way to know for sure you’ll love a Companion is to see it in your home. If you aren’t in love within 120-days, we’ll pick it up and provide a full refund. In most areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide we’ll even pick it up for free.

1. Unbox, setup, relax

It takes time to get to know your new Companion. So sink in, find a good book or stretch out for a while before you give your verdict.

2. Don't love it? Get in touch

Contact us to organise a hassle-free return.

3. Send it back

In most areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adeleide we’ll come and pick it up for free. Otherwise, we’ll ask that you send it to our nearest depot.

4. We'll refund in full

Once we’ve received your return, we’ll refund your entire order.

120 Day Trial & No-Hassle Returns