Assembles in Minutes. 

With just a few simple screws your Companion Couch is ready to go - no tools required!

Step 1

Lean the right armrest module against a wall,
oriented in the direction your Companion Couch will face

Step 2

Screw connector pins into right seat and position next to right armrest.

Align connector pins to slots and push firmly to connect.

Repeat step for each module.

Step 3

Rotate your Companion Couch onto it’s back. Assistance may be required.

Step 4

Take a leg and two thumb screws and starting from the right side, hand tighten screws firmly. Repeat for each leg.

Step 5

Simply lift your Companion Couch onto legs and place in desired location.

Step 6

Place the seat cushions and pillows into position and enjoy!

Assembles in Minutes!
Check out Andrew, assembling his Companion Couch in a record breaking 4 minutes!