Built-in Charger

Companion's built-in, dual USB charging port means

your devices won't run out of charge before you do.


We've made buying a couch simpler, easier and more delightful.

What’s the old way?

Typically salesmen sit in department stores counting their commission cheques. Furniture is almost always overpriced to factor in bonus payments for sales staff.


It’s so Much Easier to Get Inside

Companion Couches comes in conveniently sized boxes. No issues getting it inside almost any home. Perfect for poky stairwells or small doorways. Terrace houses and apartment buildings - we’re lookin’ at you! 

How do I check the time of my delivery?

Just get in touch on the messenger chat (you can find it on the bottom left-hand corner of the website, you’ll get a response from one of us within minutes :)





Stain Resistant