Delivery & Returns

What is Companion's returns policy?

‘Fair Enough’ Returns Policy

We know it’s not always easy to know if your couch will be perfect until it arrives. That’s why we offer ‘Fair Enough Returns’. What this means is that we will allow you to set your couch up once - but no more than that - as we need to ensure that it will be able to be resold if you are not happy with it.

Any marks, wear and tear or anything that makes the product not ‘as new’ will mean we cannot accept the return.Think of trying your couch out in the same way as trying out a dress or jacket from The Iconic. Except we can’t pay for the shipping to and from (we’ll go out of business super fast by doing that - we hope you understand).

Being made in Australia, our costs are much higher, and it also doesn’t sit well with us from an environmental perspective to have to waste items and the CO2 involved in shipping heavy items like this simply for a change of heart.What we can promise, however, is that our new factory is now local (well - it’s in rural NSW so local-ish), so that means that if you have any issues with your couch, we can fix it up for you, no sweat.

If you need to talk through any issues more specifically, please get in touch via messenger :)

All Companion Couch product is quality controlled, however should a product be delivered that has a manufacturing fault, we will replace or repair the product at no cost to you. You are entitled to this policy if you contact us within 48 hours of your product delivery notifying us of the manufacturing fault. 

All custom / special ordered items are final sale, and are not liable for return, refund, or exchange.Product sold as ex-display from the showroom floor, or purchased at a Companion Couch warehouse sale are sold on a “Final Sale” basis. Returns, refund, exchanges, or warranty for “As- is”, “Display Stock” or “Warehouse Sale” product will not be accepted under any circumstance. 

What if I'm in a regional area or an interstate metro area?

If you're in a regional or interstate area we can give you an estimate on the cost of shipping in our checkout. We don't inflate the prices at all - they are simply passed on directly from our delivery partner.

Will I get a heads up when my delivery is on it's way?

You will receive a tracking number and link provided by the selected courier service.

How does delivery work?

Companion Couches always sell out, so there is most often a wait time on delivery. Typically this is around 8 weeks, however sometimes we have stock on hand - in this case delivery will be 2-5 business days.

Can you deliver on the weekend?

Unfortunately weekend deliveries are not currently available as our warehousing partners are not open on weekends. 

Can you deliver after hours?

We are working on finding a solution to delivering after hours, but currently this is not available due to very high after hours delivery rates.

Do you ship internationally?

Not currently no, but please reach out to us with your needs and perhaps we can help.

Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?

We can leave your delivery somewhere safe if you're not home. Please get in contact if you have any special delivery instructions.

Can the courier bring my boxes into my apartment or home?

Unfortunately no because couriers are not covered by insurance to enter a private residential dwelling. Companion Couch boxes are within the appropriate dimensions and weight for a single person lift. Please see box dimensions and weights in other FAQ. If you do believe you’ll need some help, then please plan for this when receiving your delivery. 

General Info

What are the dimensions of the couch boxes? 

Seat module box: 93cm (L) x 47cm (W) x 73cm (H)

Armrest module box: 94cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 73cm (H)

Chaise module box: 162cm (L) x 84cm (W) x 29cm (H)  

What are the dimensions of the Companion Couches? 

3 Seater: length 233 cm x depth 90cm

2 Seater: length 162cm x depth 90cm

1 Seater: length 91cm x depth 90cm

Chaise: 85cm (additional depth) 175cm (total depth)

Can I see a companion couch in person?

Of course - with our 120-day trial you can absolutely see it in person - in your own house in fact! 

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Can I turn a 3-seater into a 2-seater and 1-seater?

Of course! Companion couch is completely modular, so you can add or remove seats to change the seating arrangement in your living room. To put together that reading chair you’ve always wanted, simply purchase an extra pair of armrests at the checkout.

Is the fabric stain resistance forever?

Not forever no, but a good 4-6 months depending on use, but don't worry, the fabric stain resistant treatment can be reapplied with other off the shelf hydrophobic sprays at your local hardware.

What cushion covers are machine washable?

All of them! The seat cushion, back cushion and pillow cushions are all machine washable. See our (fabric care instructions).

Be aware that the stain treatment treatment will be washed away, but don’t worry you can re-apply it with the following off the shelf product:

What should I do with the leftover companion boxes?

You should hold onto Companion boxes until you are 100% in love and do not feel the need to return. However if you are in love and have no need to return, all Companion boxes are 100% recyclable and can you place in marked recycled bins. Alternatively you could make a wicked box fort for your fur child. 

Do you make a sofa bed?

We don’t do a sofa bed in the traditional way - but we’ve made our Couch super wide - wider than a standard Couch - specifically so that it can be turned into a stylish bed if someone comes to visit.The 3-Seater is also long enough for Hambo (our product designer) to lie end to end with some room left above his head - and he’s 6”2!

Do you make a corner unit, chaise or Ottoman?

We've just launched pre-orders for our chaise module (L-shape) and soon will be adding more options to the Companion range.


Does my companion come with a warranty? 

Yes, the Companion Couch comes with a limited 5 year warranty for most aspects of our construction and materials, except for fabrics and electric components. Read it here

I bought my companion from a friend. Is it still covered by warranty? 

No, unfortunately our warranty is provided to the original purchaser only and isn't transferable.