What is it?

Don’t buy a new couch when your family gets a bit bigger! Just expand it if you need to by adding an extra seat. That’s why every Companion Couch is completely modular and adaptable. If your family grows - you can easily order another seat and clip it on.

The combinations are endless - you can change from a 3-Seater to an armchair and 2-Seater super quickly, or add an extra seat to your 3-Seater to make a 4, 5 or 6 Seater! This gives you flexibility to change your living space depending on your mood or needs.

How does it work?

We use a steel pin and clip design to align and lock the seat modules together. The Ash timber legs simply screw on with easy-to-turn thumbscrews. The steel pins grip tightly to another metal surface, ensuring that the seats grip together securely, making the entire couch sturdy, even when you add 4 or 5 extra seats.

It’s also very easy to pack up and move - because statistically, most Australians move several times throughout their life - if they rent or live inner-city, even more. We wanted to make a Couch that can move with you, and grow when your family grows. 

What's it great for?

  • Growing families

  • Moving to a bigger home

  • Moving to a smaller home

  • Reorganising your living space

  • Giving your home a fresh new look





Stain Resistant