Our Mission

We love couches - they are where many of life's most pivotal moments occur. It's where you do your best thinking. It's where you snuggle up to your new crush. It's where the 'chill' in Netflix and chill happens. It's a very important piece of furniture.

We also love dogs - that's why we are doing something to help the hundreds of thousands of rescue animals put to sleep each year.

We've also completely redesigned how a couch or sofa should work. We've added things that you've never seen before on a couch - because we want to elevate the experience to a new level. If you spend so much time on this one piece of furniture - by making it better in every way, we hope to improve your life. And we know it will, because they have already changed ours for the better.

We want our beloved Companion Couch to be your bed away from the bedroom. Your sanctuary at the end of the day. We want your Companion to understand you, and to comfort you. We want your Companion to be where you retreat to when you want to hide away, yet the thing you show off first when you have friends to visit. And if we can help some homeless pups find a loving place to call home, then that's a great little bonus.

Invite Companion Couch into your home. You won't regret it.


-Joe and Andrew

Andrew Hambly and Joe Greathead, founders of Companion Couch