The Companion Couch

We've made choosing a couch very simple.


Sarah A.

Coogee, NSW

loove my 3 seater, thanks companion!

I recently took delivery of a three seater Companion Couch, and I'm in love!  Coming as a flat pack means no having to struggle dragging a sofa up three flights of stairs - huge tick.

So easy to put together (and dismantle when I eventually have to move!), and ridiculously comfy. Looks super fancy, no one would ever guess it was a flat pack couch out of a box!

Thanks guys, love my Companion Couch - let me know when you release a chaise add-on and I'll be the first in line!

Charlotte C.

Darlington, NSW

Get Yourself a companion

Love this couch. Bought a 3 seater in the grey. It was so easy to get into our apartment, easy to put together, and it’s super comfy. Spilt beer on it already and it just rolled off! Get one!


Willoughby, NSW

I need to sit down, this chair is amazing.

Great style, and clever idea. Now I don't need to worry about getting up to find a charger when consuming copious amounts of Orange Is The New Black. Functional and tasteful, even my girlfriend likes it, (she never likes anything I do).


Surry Hills, NSW

The best I could find for the cost

I received my Companion a week or so ago - the sofa is super comfortable and it was assembled exactly like described. It’s early days but the fabric is excellent, my dog’s hair rolls straight off it.

Cal T.

Bondi, NSW

Comfort and posture

I have had back pain for a long time and am very fussy with couches. This couch struck the perfect balance for me between comfort and support. Easy to set up/transport and looks sleek too. Recommend.

Dan L.

Neutral, NSW

Comfy, handy and worth the cost.

The couch looks good, is comfy and saves me having cords around the place with chargers. Recommended to anyone, whether you live alone or have a family! While I didn't originally want to spend that much on a couch, I am so glad I did.


Rushcutters Bay, NSW

Companion Couch

Companion Couch so easy to install. 10 minutes. So comfortable and fits 4 of us. No cut hands or confusing assembly. Or removalists! Heaven! It even has a dock to charge your phone on it. Arrives in boxes so no scratching your walls when it arrives. Life changing ..Love it

Mo Z.

Queanbeyan, ACT

Cool armchair

I think the armchair is really smart and roomy too! Deep I mean, maybe more like a 1 and half or so still good. Wished it charged but the 1 seater doesn’t. Still I might look at the extra parts to build bigger and add the charger.


Robina, Qld

Loving the charger!!

…using the under charger on the couch for Ps4 controller and our iPad Pro, which does take a while but tbh that’s the case when plugged into the wall so that’s fine - really nice for price, thanks


Aldinga Beach, SA

Very pleased with the couch, but disappointed in all the excess layers of plastic packaging - a bit wasteful

I’ve been impressed by how sturdy our 3-seater is, initially when we ordered ours in blue - I received a call from the company saying there wouldbe an extra day’s wait before it arrived, which was assuring but its only now only been 72hrs all up and the couch is incredibly sturdy; and we were able to bring the boxes to the newly carpeted 3rd floor loft we’ve setup a box fort!


Wolli Creek, NSW

Feeling Blue

The sofa was delivered yesterday afternoon & after taking a bit of a punt on the blue, I’m glad I did make the choice, it pops!

Tina H.

Wolli Creek, NSW

...a nice luxury to have a sofa in the bedroom

The grey looked so similar to the material on our bedhead I bought one that I thought would go with it as our bed floats in the centre of the room, I placed the sofa directly behind the bed head (back to back) - husband very pleased with new shoe tying spot ;-) in the mornings!